21 Jan 2020
What’s so trendy about SEO?

Winter caught up. It’s getting colder and New Year’s around the corner. Speaking about next year, it’s interesting to know, what trends will grow and dominate SEO department from 2017.

If you want to keep up with SEO development and stay ahead of your competitors, stay with us.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

As smartphone industry is growing up, being mobile friendly is vital part of your SEO success. Even Amit Singhal – Google’s senior VP is using mostly mobile search for over the year and it’s saying something.

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) – are open source protocol for web developers that allows pages to be loaded 4 times faster, using less data in the process on mobile devices. Google is favoring sites which are using AMP and this favoritism will likely be increased following year and it will surely affect search results.

UEO (User Experience Optimization)

User experience is important part to SEO and from 2017 on emphasis will only grow. We have discussed AMPs and necessity for mobile customization but other factors apart from speed will be important as well. The mission is to provide users enough comfort for them to stay on your page longer.

Voice Search is Increasing  

Another growing trend is Voice Search. It’s getting more and more popular, especially among youngsters, teenagers and anyone who just prefers the comfort of speech when making appointments, searching tips for their homework, need direction or weather forecast.

You really need to consider how people voice search to keep your SEO up and running. The main things are:

  1. To keep in mind conversational language. Naturally, people use more conversational language in their voice search. Surprise-surprise.
  2. Long-tail keywords. Because people use phrases and question sentences more than just the single keyword. It’s not a new concept for SEO but here it gets an additional importance.
  3. Clear definition statements. Lots of searches star with “What is”. Try to give as good explanation of the keyword as you can.

Google is working on conversational shopping and soon people will start booking and making travel plans through voice search. So be prepared. Good way is to keep in mind FAQ when you search for long-key words for your SEO.

Content – then and now

Remember the days when content was created purely to take advantage on search engines? There was no real substance or quality behind the texts – just paragraphs stuffed with keywords. Well, those days are over.

Study shows that most search engines favor the quality content which is well written and interesting to users. More than 80% of modern businesses have their own blogs and actively use them.

There are specifications that Google engine favors for example:

  • Must be over 2 500 words long but built in short paragraphs.
  • Have clearly defined Headers and Sub-headers.
  • Using dot points.
  • Original content
  • Oriented on quality, rather than quantity.
  • Grammar, spelling and punctuation is important.
  • Is interesting for readers
  • Not stuffed with keywords.

Always examine your website analytics. Pay attention to: Demographics, referrals, daily uniques vs daily sessions, bounce rate, returning vs new users, average time spent on.

Keyword methodology

When talking about digital marketing – keywords are the key to success. Just ask yourself, will the customers find what they are looking for on your site, when they’re searching with the keywords you used? You have to learn more about your customers and target your terms and phrases accordingly with SEO.

Spice up your articles with relevant keywords. By Rank Tracker, you can get insights into related keyword phrases and how they stack up against your chosen phrase using insights from a variety of resources beyond AdWords Keyword Planner.

Use keyword planner and analyze the data. Not all related keywords are important though. Choose top 5 related ones with high search volume and use them in your post.

Stay trendy, plan wisely and be innovative. Cheers. Elliot Webber