21 Jan 2020
New features are around the corner:

50 (well, more or less) Shades of Statuses:

We’re used to social platforms evolving constantly and with rapid speed. It’s especially true with Facebook. You may have noticed some users with colored up statuses on their walls.

Yeah, well it seems that FB got bored of blend black and white statuses of yours so Mark decided to splash things up. It’s still limited only to some users though and unavailable in some regions at all.

The word is, facebook’s trying to correct the declining trend of personal sharing which is the base of social network community.

Block entire topics:

One more update that’s coming up is more functional, if less pleasant for advertisers. Users will have an option to block FB ads based on topics. At the moment there’s “Parenting” and “Alcohol” in the list, but there will be more for sure.

The reason behind that as explained by Mark Rabkin (VP at core ads of Facebook): "For families who experience the loss of a child, for example, to continue to see ads about parenting and new baby stuff, can be really upsetting."

Based on this logic we might see subjects of gambling and adult oriented material in the blockable list as well.

Threat to LinkedIn

And last but not least. Seems that facebook has aimed at LinkedIn and seriously threatens to drive at least some of its users from popular business-related network.

Some pages have found new “jobs” tab on their pages and it’s already confirmed that guys at FB are experimenting. “Many small businesses post about their job openings on their Page, we’re running a test for Page admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.” – says facebook’s spokesman. Together with Profile Tags feature that was added last year, it may very well compete with LinkedIn.

Let’s look at some numbers. The number of LinkedIn profiles is under 500 million, while facebook is close to 2 billion. That’s ok though. For the social network that isn’t most popular, 500 million isn’t bad at all (plus consider the fact that there’s much less fake accounts on LinkedIn than on facebook.) The problem is that LinkedIn users aren’t nearly as active as facebook ones.

Most people on LinkedIn visit their pages only when necessity arises. Such as updating their profile, being in search of a new job or employer, etc. While “facebooking” became an everyday routine to most.

New features on facebook will ensure that companies can reach people that aren’t even actively looking for job but could consider getting one after receiving new options and raised salary.

That’s all about facebook for now. Let’s look at Instagram and what its official blog has to tell us.


They promise it will be fun. So, it seems you just need to swipe right from your feed to open-up the stories camera. Choose boomerang mode, click record button and BOOM… your photos will turn into small video (which you can even play backwards… for whatever reason).


It’s basically how tags work on facebook. You mention someone in your story by typing @ (with username), their name gets underlined and leads to the mentioned person’s profile. Innovative (well, kinda…)

“See more” links

Verified accounts now can add See More links at the bottom of their stories so they can lead you to place where you can… yeah, you guessed it: see more of/about that story.

And the biggest for now:

Live Video confirmed

It seems that Instagram is finally working on live streaming implementation. It’s not yet known how exactly the feat will work or look, but Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom’s words are game changer:

“Live is really exciting for us. I think it can enhance what we’re doing. If I’m trying to strengthen relationships with someone I love, them streaming video to me live would be an amazing way to be closer to them.”


That’s all for now. Keep yourself updated.