21 Jan 2020

I don’t really have much time today, so let’s talk about really easy staff. Are you already on Linkedin? If not, you’ve probably inherited a fortune and leave in a bubble with other lucky, wealthy bastards.

Linkedin is an old social networking service. This website was launched in 2003 and now it has 467 million users (106 active ones). Linkedin is not like Facebook or other social media, it’s not a place where you share your sexy selfies or tweet about your girlfriends annoying pet.

The main goal of LinkedIn is to allow job seekers post their CVs and employers post their jobs announcements. The Linkedin profile has various important fields, such as education, experience, jobs, awards, honors, interests. People who are looking for a job should sign up to join Linkedin. I advise you to create a complete profile, it may take several minutes, but it is worth doing for your future. 27% of Linkedin users are recruiters, so your chance to get a job is quite realistic. Facts and quotes about Linkedin:

-2 new Linkedin members per second

-Members from 200 countries

-65 million active job listings

-94% of recruiters use Linkedin

-40% Linkedin users search jobs by mobile app

Linkedin is a great opportunity for job hunters to get right employers. Nowadays this social network is very popular. Linkedin is 14th among the most popular sites (according to Alexa).

Microsoft already announced that LinkedIn will be acquired for 26.2 billion by the end of 2016.

Yours E. Webber