It's alive and kicking
21 Jan 2020

“The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated” – said Mark Twain once and same can be said about our beloved, albeit outdated drawing platform – MS Paint.

No doubt you have already heard an “outragous” news about Paint’s inevitable death or rather better to say, “murder” to be executed by Microsoft.

It seems that after 32 years of existence MS Paint got huge fan-base which stood up as one to shield the software and was close to rush with pitch-forks at Microsoft’s office.

Fortunately, Megan Saunders – general manager at Microsoft, was quick to re-asure the fans that Paint won’t be killed.  Her statement briefely translates to: “Wow, wow now… calm down guys. We’re not killing anything, it will still be available in our Windows Store and best of all, it will be free”

(Full statement and more details here )

So, yeah… We can now all sigh with relief, browse through these genius works of art performed in MS Paint and envy the talent of their creators:

Patrick Hines is one of the most well known MS Paint artists and his works are well known throughout the web. Here's couple of his creations

Creepy, isn't it? Well, here's another one by him that we called Gateseption:

There's 106 miles to Chicago, we've got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark out, and we're wearing sunglasses. Add some talent like that of Deviant Art's DJCoulz and you're all set

May the force MS Paint be with you reddit user Sonofjay

And may God be with you as well...

...and no, Shukei20 isn't photographer and it is not a photography of beautiful Asian

Let's finish portraits with this Andy Worholesque work of Sven Ruthner. Ladies and Gents, Monsters Inc.

And now some nature mortes. Crazy colours by Hal Lasko

According to Flickr user traqair57 that's how it is Snowing In Heaven. We're ready to gladly believe. 

Who does not love some dinos? Apperently, Philip Andren loves them way too much. Enough to spend hours for drawing them like this in paint

Aaaaand, here's the last one: Yeezus! We don't know why Jim'llPaintIt decided to insert Kenye West in last supper scene, but we sure hope that Yeezus will forgive us all for uploading this:

That's all for today folks.
Don't forget: There are no big and small softwares, only the big and small artists...

Draw in peace!