21 Jan 2020
Digital Trends of 2016

It’s a nice weather, I’m sitting at the beach, listening to waves and drinking my favorite cocktail Cosmopolitan. Decided to start my diary, where I will share my knowledge and experience. I’ll try to keep you updated about new technologies and communication techniques in the digital world.Sharing makes us stronger!

Users are not simply exposed to new products/services. Platforms and social media channels surround people daily, hourly - even every minute. We are exposed to the digital world filled with exciting services, products, and digital innovations. Let’s start with simple but exciting. Follow me.

Facebook Search Engine and online app

Nowadays, everyone can search on Facebook – you can find posts that matter to you most. Facebook has launched its own search engine, which will be a perfect tool within social media.

In the future, people won't visit e-commerce sites, because they will be able to purchase things with Facebook messenger app. Brands will communicate with their end consumers and in return, customers will be able to buy online through app.


Yes, Snapchat is an app. It allows users to take photos, record videos, add texts to images and send their contacts. This app is widespread among the young generation - millions of photos and videos are sent monthly.

Snapchat is also useful for marketing purposes. Companies can create integrated marketing campaigns and show them in the app. All brands must follow innovations and trends. Trust me, the major innovation of this century is interactive content! Don’t miss this opportunity!

Meerkat & periscope

Videos are very popular in the digital world. And while the major part of internet traffic is generated through mobile, video sharing in mobile apps becomes incredible important.

Meerkat and Periscope apps give you an opportunity to livestream from mobile and share it with the Twitter audience. You can target audience and people can comment on videos. So, brands have good chance to show products, events, demonstrations and interesting content to the targeted audience. Marketers around the globe, pay attention to these tools!


Over 750 photos are uploaded on Instagram each second. People love to share their photos – selfies, photos from vacations, new gadgets, pets, family members, and daily routine – your Instagram friends reveal their entire life. The Instagram app allows you to share moments of your life or your experience.

Marketers use this opportunity to show people visual of their products and services. People crave for all the useless things that seem so attractive on the photos. Above all, they go after things featured in the photos of their social media friends. Instagram ads are available for all advertisers.

Identity-Based Pay-Per-Click Marketing

This is an amazing news for digital marketers. Now it is able to target ads to specific segments based on their email address and phone number. Targeting people on top of identity really helps to get your brand noticed. So, advertisers can solve costumers’ needs, before they realize those needs themselves. This type of ads are more efficient and reduce cost. Keep in mind that this is not considered a viral campaigns, but rather a perfectly targeted e-mail marketing.

Keep an eye.

E. Webber